The Australiana quilt.

Before cushions, before embroidery, and before banners I used to make quilts and to say I've been itching to design a quilt that adds in my love of embroidery is an understatement. 
Inspired by the gorgeous flora of our home and the colours of nature, this quilt is my current favourite thing I've ever made. 😱
The idea of these embroidered squares started back in the UK in the 1850's-1950's. The reason they were called "red-work" is because they were primarily made with red thread,  which was more available to "common" people and not as expensive as the silk thread that would usually be used for embroidery at that time. Traditionally this type of quilt would be embroidered by hand.
Nowadays there are so many options for colour and fabric available that the possibilities are endless. 
In making cushions for you beautiful ladies I'm always left with a strip of linen fabric that is too small for a cushion. After many cushions made I was left with a big stack of beautiful fabric. This is my way to reduce waste and use up every last piece of fabric that I purchase.  
I am such a sucker for old world crafts. I just love adding homey hand made unique pieces to my home. It adds this charm that you just cant get from store bought products. Don't you? 😊

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