Its a new begining for Hilo & Bobbin...

Hello lovely,
How have you been, dear friend?
Today's blog post is a little personal, bear with me for a minute.
For a while now I've been at a cross road that I just couldn't shake. My joy for this small business that I've slowly grown and cultivated has fizzled and I really didn't know what to do about it. Not just the business side, but the social media side too.
The idea of closing up didn't feel right. It felt as though I'd be letting you and myself down, letting go of the "dream" that I was so close to having. There's this unspoken truth about having an online business. There is so much more in the works behind the scenes to create posts, manage finances, pack orders and then there is the actual making of things for my store. You become overwhelmed with work when you're busy and stressed when you are not making sales. It becomes a huge load for one person to carry.
Then one day I had a moment of clarity. I made the choice to share more home, DIY, general life, anything I wanted to share without keeping my brand in mind. Slowly my joy for social media returned, you may have already noticed the change in content over on socials. This also sparked a need for change in my products, a redesigned website, a new logo, really a change from all angles.

And then the juices started flowing. I found my purpose for this space and it wasn't just making cushions any more. All my life I've been floating from one project to another, always wanting to learn new skills and crafts. Sewing has been the only consistent craft over the years. It's time to go back to learning new things and working on new projects. Hilo & Bobbin isn't going anywhere for now, but it will look different from here on out. 

If you stuck with me this long, thank you!!! I really wanted to share how things have played out recently. I am so incredibly grateful for your support. 

To new things and new projects.

Stitching off for now,


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