About H&B

Hey hey lovely, it's Lydia here, Lydz, Liddles and Mama are also some names Ive gone by.

I'm the hands, heart and brain behind everything you see here at Hilo & Bobbin. All designs were thought up in my little brain and can pop up on any given time of day... hello 3am Lydz wide awake thinking up a fresh embroidery turned cushion. #madscientisthere 🙈

So how did all this come about? Cue flashback sound... now. 🌫

It all started with an old singer sewing machine. I'm not talking about one of those gorgeous antique ones, I'm talking the yellowing plastic 90s ones that sit in the back of the linen closet gathering dust. My parents kindly volunteered my sister and I to join a quilting group once a month with said singer sewing machine. As a teenager I thought it was the lamest thing my parents made me do, after all I was an angsty struggling artist type who loved to sketch 🙄. For a long time I didn't touch that machine ever again and never spoke of said sewing lessons. Until I grew up. To be honest, looking back, I am forever grateful for those sewing lessons. I didn't know it at the time but I realised that sewing is a handy skill to have. My sewing journey kind of snowballed after that. Enter my first embroidery machine and the rest is history. Eventually it made sense to turn my craft into a business. 

I live in Sydney, Australia with my husband and two kiddos, Miss M and little Mr M. Let me tell you they are very different little people. My girl loves teal and yellow, is always dancing & cartwheeling around our home, loves to watch girly tween dramas and oh my gosh the Tik Tok dances.😳 My son on the other hand runs around the house with his volume at what feels like 100%, loves starting Lego kits then watching me finish them and cant sit still even when he's eating, which he does most of the day. 🏃🏽‍♂️

I'd say my kiddos are the inspo behind H&B, and though that is totally true, I feel as though I was born to make. My hands cannot sit idle. It is very much a part of my being, to be creating things with my hands. Back to the kids for a minute though, they were and still are the inspiration behind my work. Every kid is different and I wanted to create intentionally designed and made décor items that can be as unique as our kids. I've used the traditional art of patchwork in my limited edition quilts. I've also added my never ending love of embroidery into my cushions. And I'm just starting friends.

So thanks so much for spending the time to get to know me and my passion. I would love to get to know you more too. Head over to Instagram and say hello. I'd love to meet you! 😊