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Personalised family cushion cover

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You beautiful ladies love personalised gift giving which is exactly why these personalised cushion covers were created.

Perfect for anniversary or wedding gifting, these cushion covers will be the most unique gift- goodbye embarrassing third sandwich press moment, hello most thoughtful gift yet.

As a gift giver and, once upon a time, bride, I get that you want a perfect gift for your loved ones. Which is exactly why I created this these cushion covers.

TAKE A CLOSER LOOK at the personalised cushion cover:
- Available in two colours, white and flax
- These cushion covers measure approximately 50cm x 50cm. They fit a standard 50cm x 50cm cushion insert, available at any IKEA or homewares store. You are purchasing a cushion cover only.
- Made with 100% flax linen. You might notice tiny little globules of imperfections dotted throughout the weave. These are called ‘slubs’, and they’re actually naturally-occurring and the mark of true linen. These are part of linen’s organic appeal, and are a mark of a high quality, authentic fabric.

How to write your name?

If your name ends in an "s", "x", "z", "ch", or "sh" than your name should end in the letters "es". For example Jones becomes Joneses or Fox becomes Foxes.

If your name ends in other letters of the alphabet than just add an "s". This applies to names that end in vowels, names that end in "y", and names that end in any consonant not already mentioned. For example Brown becomes Browns and Taylor becomes Taylors.

Alternatively you can add 'Family' to your surname. For example 'Brown Family'  or 'Jones Family'


Orders are made in the order they are received. Please allow 10 -15 working days for your order to be made. Express post will speed up postage but lead time remains the same.

Washing instructions.

These linen cushion covers will soften with every wash. They are full of character with bold texture that is a natural characteristic of linen. 

Wash in cold water on a gentle cycle and finished off with a cold rinse to keep linen tableware happy. As with cotton, wash linen tableware with other linen items. Use a mild detergent. Line dry and finish with an iron when mostly dry. 

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